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Using blockchain to reinvent mutual protection


New Technology solving old problems

IBISA is utilising a peer-to-peer architecture supported by blockchain and Earth Observation technology to enable affordable crop protection products and reduce costs typically incurred by traditional insurer-centric paradigms. 

Our vision is implemented through a risk sharing system similar to ancestral communal practices but done at a global scale, thus creating a vast pool of loss compensation resources and minimizing correlated risks.


Setting the building blocks for the next generation of inclusive insurance and risk-sharing products




Protection, affordable

Protects crops from weather-related calamities. Affordable, even for farmers with the lowest revenues




IBISA and Draxis will be supported by Réseau Billital Maroobé (RBM), a group of associations of livestock breeders of Sub Sahelian countries, to bring on-board breeders, pastoralists and women farmers’ groups to the IBISA service, to improve the protection of their pastures and crops, and thus leading to stabilizing their revenues


DHAN works in 14 states and wants to introduce IBISA to the farmers because it allows intercropping. 
Most farmers don’t have a bank account, but DHAN works with mobile money operators


BRAC has dedicated programs to eliminate extreme poverty, expanding financial choices, agriculture and food security and gender equality among others.
IBISA will be added to its program as an additional tool to avoid falls back.


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