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New Technology solving old problems

IBISA enables the next generation of insurance, a mutual risk-sharing platform designed to solve the uninsurability of smallholder farmers in the world.

IBISA is a platform built on a decentralized mutuality-based system that enables the sharing of farmer-to-farmer risks in a transparent and cost-efficient way, harnessing the use of blockchain, satellite earth observation data and index-based risk modelling.


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More than 500 million smallholder farmers do not have access to micro-insurance to protect their crops





IBISA and its local partner Réseau Billital Maroobé (RBM) started the first pilot in September 2019. Customers are different associations of breeders, pastoralists and women farmers.
IBISA will improve the protection of their pastures and crops, and thus leading to stabilizing their revenues.



IBISA and its local partner DHAN started the first pilot in March. Now it is scaling in Tamil Nadu to 1000 farmers 
DHAN works with 1.8 million poor families across 15 states in India since 1997. DHAN’s holistic approach of the multitude of problems is based on a community self-help model. DHAN’s and IBISA’s mutual approach reinforce each other